Zach Stagers - Data Lakehouse Serving Options

Organised by: Data South West
Date: Mon 22nd August 2022
Time: 17:30 to 20:30
Location: Online event

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#### Description

The lakehouse design paradigm is becoming more mainstream as tools like Azure Synapse and Databricks make querying lake-based data simple, and bring a huge amount of power. But there is yet to emerge a defacto industry standard in serving a lake-based model to end users, and with a growing number of options it can be difficult make a decision that best fits your scenario.

In this session we will establish a benchmark of what we're looking for in a good data serving layer. We will then review the serving options currently available to evaluate how well they meet our requirements, any additional benefits and some potential pitfalls and things to avoid with each. You will leave the session equipped with everything you need to open up your lake to the wider business and harness the power of the lakehouse model.


### **[Zach Stagers](**

Principal Consultant at Advancing Analytics
Zach has well over a decade of experience across a range of industries, currently working as Principal Consultant with Advancing Analytics. Throughout his career, he has implemented a range of analytical platforms from traditional Microsoft Business Intelligence to cutting edge Data Lakehouse platforms, tackling a huge variety of complicated problems. One of Zach's main passions is digging into the hype of new technology to find out what helps to make analytics easier and faster to implement.