What Does a Developer Advocate Do?

Organised by: Taunton Developers Meetup
Date: 10 October 2019 // 18:30
Location: Venue TBC

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An Insider's Guide to Travel, Conferences and Home Working.

Developer Advocate. It's one of the coolest job titles around. But what do developer advocates really do? It can't all be blogging in your pyjamas and jet-setting around the world, right?

The talk draws on 4+ years' experience as a developer advocate, answering commonly asked questions about this role. It also gives practical advice on presenting, home working, and the highs and lows of conference travel.

This session is for people interested in starting a career in advocacy, or simply want to know more about building a public profile, presenting at conferences, or home working.


Every other month we get together for a presentation by one of our members.
The presentations are in the Quaker House in Taunton. Knock on the window or ring the bell if the door's locked.

If there is something you could present on let us know, we've a broad audience so anything would be interesting and doesn't need to be very in depth.