Virtual Rebel Meetup by Yena

Organised by: YENA Plymouth
Date: 08 April 2020 // 17:00
Location: Venue TBC

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Welcome to the first ever Virtual Rebel Meetup by Yena!

Just because you're staying at home, shouldn't mean you can't connect with the people and opportunities you need to start & grow a remarkable business!

Thinking of starting a business? Building your start-up and looking for peer support? Or maybe you just want to find opportunities to learn and grow? Join us!

This is the first in a series of virtual Rebel Meetups that we'll be holding over the coming months.

Who will be the guest speaker?

We're excited to be joined by Jessica Blackler, founder of unisex cosmetic brand Jecca Blac, in our first virtual Fireside Chat!

Jecca Blac has a mission to be a brand that represents all beauty lovers and was started to provide a safe space for transwomen to experiment with makeup. It is vegan, cruelty-free and gender-free, and is supported by L'Oreal Innovation.

Where will it take place?

We'll be using the avatar-based, virtual events platform Teooh for this virtual meetup!

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What is the agenda?

[masked]: Welcome!

[masked]: Fireside Chat and Q&A with Jessica Blackler

[masked]: Virtual Networking

Who is the host?

This meetup will be hosted by Yena's co-founder, Abby Scarborough.

What is Yena?

Yena is a membership organisation for startups. We provide you with the community, tools, learnings and opportunities you need to start and grow your own business:

Our Rebel Meetups give entrepreneurs a safe space to connect, for free. Come along, meet like-minded people and grow your network to give your and your business the best start possible!

For questions and enquiries please email [masked].

We look forward to 'seeing' you there!