Natural Language Processing (NLP) at The Deck, Exeter Uni

Organised by: Exeter Python
Date: 25 July 2019 // 19:00
Location: The Innovation Centre, Exeter


Pikakshi Manchanda will be giving a talk on using Python to perform Natural Language Processing. Doors open at 18:30 and talk starts at 19:00.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) sits at the intersection of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics. From analysing sentiments to performing machine translation and conquering language barriers, scientists have become heavily focused on exploring ways to communicate human language with computers. Recent advances in the field of Machine Learning have increasingly influenced these explorations by enabling computers to do quite a lot of useful things with the natural language.

In this session, we will have a look at various NLP applications and explore Python packages such as NLTK and spaCy used to perform NLP tasks related to text pre-processsing, parsing, segmentation and so on which form the foundational steps required to implement NLP applications.