How Simple Maths Makes Beautiful Mandelbrot Fractals

Organised by: Algorithmic Art
Date: 11 June 2019 // 18:00
Location: Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro


This meetup will be in Cornwall, not London.


Probably the most famous fractals are the Mandelbrot and Julia sets. They are organic, intricate, and hauntingly beautiful!

Here's a video exploring the Mandelbrot fractal in immense detail:


The aim of this session is to understand how simple mathematics creates these infinitely-detailed forms.


We're very lucky to have Brod Ross, a local algorithmic artists, kick off the event with a 10 minute talk showcasing his exploration of 3D worlds created using the 'Mandelbulb' variants of the popular fractal.

Here's an example by another artist:


We'll take gentle steps:

* start from the idea of iteration and feedback with simple arithmetic

* learn about complex numbers (they're not complex!)

* see unexpected behaviour from very simple functions - including mathematical chaos!

* understand how the Mandelbrot and Julia fractals are just a map showing how numbers behave

* try a few creative ways of colouring and rendering these fractals

And for those more confident with maths:

* see a short proof of the escape condition that helps compute them quicker

* see them in a new perspective - the folding and rotating effect of complex operations

We'll share easy-to-read code that creates these fractals, and also take a brief look at tools you can use.


You don't need to be confident with mathematics to enjoy this session. Non-technical artists very welcome!

The aim is to ensure that everyone leaves with at least an intuition of how these patterns are created, and an inspiration to explore them yourselves.


For this session you don't need to bring a laptop.

We'll be starting at 6pm not 6.30pm. Parking is usually free in the council car parks at this time.