Hamish Watson - KQL - the next query language you need to learn

Organised by: Data South West
Date: Mon 25th July 2022
Time: 17:30 to 20:30
Location: Online event

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**Hamish Watson - DevOps Alchemist will be presenting KQL - the next query language you need to learn:**

Azure is the leading platform for many companies, and to manage your databases and other infrastructure you need to have insights into what is happening.

You need to be able to query the Azure platform, to not only understand your infrastructure but also to leverage monitoring and analytics to react to operational changes occurring in it.

This session will introduce you to the Kusto Query Language (KQL) which will allow you to query a variety of Azure resources. The session will also show how machine learning and time series analytics can help advance your insights into you Azure services.

### **Hamish Watson**

DevOps Alchemist
Hamish is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP with a passion for efficient database & application deployments using DevOps methodologies.

He has formed his own company – Morph iT – based in Christchurch, New Zealand and provides consultancy services for SQL Masters Consulting – who are based in Brisbane, Australia.

He has 20 years IT experience in managing and deploying large scale databases on SQL Server technologies. He has been managing SQL Server since SQL Server 2000 and pragmatic approaches to delivering business value to end users is his career passion.

Educating and helping others learn is a driver for Hamish and he is a PASS Chapter Leader, International speaker and a repeat guest lecturer at a local university.