Felipe Schneider - DB as code with DBUp

Organised by: Data South West
Date: Mon 26th September 2022
Time: 17:30 to 20:30
Location: Online event

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#### Description

Are you part of a .NET team and facing a hard time keeping changes in all your environments? With DbUp you can transform your DB from scratch every time you want, using a state-based migration approach. In this session, we will talk about DbUp, how to configure and view an example deploying new changes to an existing DB


### **[Felipe Schneider](https://sessionize.com/app/organizer/speaker/7501/7105cb31-86a5-4b03-af8e-aa0ed214771f)**

Experienced Infrastructure Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in multinational information technology companies. Leadership and Problem-Solving skills.

The main focus on Azure SQL solutions but also skilled in Microsoft infrastructure solutions, Virtualization, Security, and Powershell.