FabLab Exeter Summer 2022 *ONLINE* Design Workshops

Organised by: FabLab Devon
Date: Thurs 23rd June 2022
Time: 21:30 to 23:00
Location: Online event

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Learn how to design different projects at home in your own time. We'll guide you through designing your project using free software!

Welcome to our Summer 2022 Online Workshops.

These workshops are for anyone! Children aged under 10 years may need some support in setting up the relevant software and the design process.

How do the ONLINE workshops run?

Tickets are on sale up until the 31st August and then will close. For each workshop that you purchase a ticket for you will be emailed with a PDF document containing notes and links to tutorial videos. These videos can be accessed 24/7. If you purchase tickets before the 29th July, your email/s will be sent on the 29th July. If you purchased after this date, your email will be sent within a week purchase.

Once your design is complete, email it to us and we'll make it for you in the FabLab. Items are normally made within two weeks of us receiving the design/s. All designs need to be received by us by the end of September. Designs sent in after this date will not be made.

How will I get my design/s?

We will let you know when your design has been made and when it is ready for collection from Exeter Library. If you prefer, we can post your design to you. For us to post them to your address (anywhere in the UK) you need to select the ticket that includes postage. Important: When you email in your designs, please use the same email address as the one you entered into Eventbrite. This will allow us to match the design with the right person and address if you select postage. If this isn't possible and you need to use another email address, please explain this including your Eventbrite email address in your email when you send us your design/s.


For the T-shirt/Tote Bag & Jigsaw workshops, we will demonstrate a free design website that can be used on any web browser. A computer or laptop screen is better for designing - it doesn't work so well on a tablet or a phone.

For the Laser-cut Sign and Laser-cut Door Hanger a free piece of software will need to be downloaded and installed onto your Windows, Apple or Linux computer. This software doesn't work on a Google Chromebook. This does not work on a tablet or a phone.

Our Summer 2022 Online Workshops:

Design a T-shirt or Tote Bag.

We will guide you through an online design website to create your own image. Once we receive your design by email, we will print it onto a transfer sheet using dye-sublimation ink and then heat-press to fix the design. Tote bags are white. Out T-shirts are either white or grey/silver (This depends upon the T-shirt size, the stock availability from our supplier and we will select the colour that we have available). This workshop includes either one T-shirt or one Tote-Bag printed on one side only.

Design your own Laser-cut Sign.

We will guide you through the process to convert images and text into vector paths so that the laser-cutter can engrave and cut your design for you. This could be a sign for a door in your house, a welcome to your home sign for inside the door or any other sign you would like! The sign will be laser-engraved and cut from 3mm plywood. The sign will not be waterproof so you would need to apply a waterproof coating to use it outside. This workshop includes one laser-cut sign up to the maximum size of A4.

Design your own Jigsaw.

Using a web-based design site, we will show you how to create your own image incorporating both graphics and/or text. The jigsaw is A4 in size. Once we receive your design, we will print it using dye-sublimation onto a transfer sheet and heat-press it onto the blank jigsaw. The jigsaw has 96 pieces so is not suitable for very young children. The design and print will be in full colour . This workshop includes one jigsaw.

Design your own Door Hanger.

This workshop is to design your own door hanger. This is a hook design that hangs on the door handle, normally outside a room. This could include images and/or text for engraving e.g. a name. Once your design is received, we will laser-engrave and laser-cut it out for you from 4mm plywood. The workshop includes one door hanger.

Please note:

Online Workshop tickets are on sale until the 31st August. All designs need to be emailed to us no later than the end of September. It will not be possible to make any designs that are received after the end of September.


If you have any questions regarding the sessions, please do email us: fablabexeter@librariesunlimited.org.uk