Quarterly December In Person Meetup

Organised by: Digital Plymouth
Date: Thurs 2nd December 2021
Time: 18:30 to 21:30
Location: Market Hall, Plymouth

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Digital Plymouth is back for the final event of the year! Join us on the 2nd December.

With thanks to Real Ideas we will be bringing everyone together under the roof of the Market Hall in Devonport (https://realideas.org/our-spaces/market-hall/).

Meet our key speakers!

We asked each of our speakers to give us a quick glimpse into what they are going to be talking about on the night.

Dr Lauren Hayhurst, Head of Narrative Design, Hi9

Emotional Artificial Intelligence usually refers to equipping AIs with automated functions to detect human emotions, such as facial recognition or keystrokes. Instead, we are developing an AI with an emotional depth more commonly associated with fictional heroes of the screen or page. In this talk, I'll be exploring why we are taking this path and how we are utilising this to improve access to council services for the most disadvantaged communities in society.

Robert McCarthy, CEO at GOSS

No one can really predict the future but you can at least have fun and learn a lot whilst game playing scenarios. Tool’s, techniques and models that might help you work out, where to focus your efforts, what to outsource and the kind of people who you need to attract to help. I am not very clever so, there is little original thought in any of this but hopefully the people I am stealing from influenced by will help you out. They helped us!

Claire Oatway, Founder, Neon Juno

This talk examines AI and ethics, arguing for greater transparency and diversity. As regulation catches up what can digital business and directors of businesses do to not be caught out. Panto buzzword bingo optional (well it is December after all)

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