Data Visualisation & Shiny Apps Workshop

Organised by: The Environmental Futures & Big Data Impact Lab
Date: Wed 10th November 2021
Time: 12:30 to 14:00
Location: Online event

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This event is aimed at people who work or are interested in data science, but all are welcome!

Join Dr Lauren Ansell from the University of Plymouth for a Data Visualisation and Shiny Apps workshop, where you will learn:

  • How to work with and plot shapefiles
  • How to combine shapefiles with CSV files
  • How to collect data using JSON API requests
  • How to create interactive pages with R's Shiny package

Traditionally much of data visualisations begin with a table of data such as a csv file or database which is then plotted as bar charts, line charts or scatter plots. In this workshop we will demonstrate how to plot other forms of data such as shape files and how we can combine shapefiles with tables of data. This workshop will also demonstrate how to access data from API’s with the use the of R’s JSON and HTTR packages.

From these data visualisations, we can create shiny apps: an interactive page that allows users to interact with the data and help communicate your findings/work to a broader audience. This workshop will demonstrate how to create simple pages which can be extended to create dashboards.

This event is being led by the University of Plymouth, with a wealth of expertise from the Impact Lab partnership. Following on from this workshop, the Impact Lab can provide 10 hours of free one-to-one support to Devon-based businesses to work through examples that relate directly to your business needs. If you're outside of Devon, there are many other support opportunities that could be available to you from the seven Impact Lab partners.