Art Hackathon - Ghost In The Machine

Organised by: Algorithmic Art
Date: 18 July 2019 // 18:00
Location: Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro


Note: this meet up will be in Cornwall, not London.


Due to popular demand, we're having another hands-on art hackathon!

The theme is ... 'Ghost In The Machine'.


Art Hackathon

An art hackathon ( means coming together in a shared space, and being collectively inspired, to create algorithmic art at the meetup itself.

Hackathons are really fun, hands on practical (there's no talk or lecture), and we're often surprised how much can be created in a limited time.

Beginners are very welcome, as well as more experienced friends who can help others.


Artistic Constraints

All the best art emerges from constraints, often consciously self-imposed. This hack will have some constraints:

• You must create your art at (, which uses the web version of processing ( called p5js ( We've run several beginner's tutorial previously, with tutorial slides and video on the meetup blog ( You can find a structured beginners course here (

• You must allow your code and work to be publicly viewable and freely copyable and reusable (CC-SA (

• We have 60 minutes to create the art from scratch.

• The work must be inspired by the theme 'Ghost In the Machine'. You're can interpret this in any way you wish.

• Your own constraints (colour, shape, other) - do tell us when you're showing your work.

If people want to work together, that's fine. We'll organise working-together groups at the start.


Practical Stuff

To make sure things get done, we'll stick to the following schedule:

• 6.00 - 6.15pm - introduction, identifying helpers, groups

• 6.15 - 7.15pm - art hack!

• 7.15 - 7.30pm - show and tell - share your work on the display

Support will be available for beginners to get going, or help fix any coding problems. Volunteers for helping out really welcome!

There will be an opportunity to show and talk about your work at the end, if you let me know in good time.



Selected works created in the hackathon will be shown on the Algorithmic Art blog. Please send the links using the comments or the 'contact the organiser' link. Previous hackathons were written up here ( and ).