1 HOUR WINS [Series 3 Vinyl Projects Fri 26 Feb / 5 Mar / 12 Mar] 8-108yrs

Organised by: FabLab Devon
Date: Fri 26th February 2021
Time: 09:00 to 11:00
Location: Online event

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Our NEW and FUN 1 Hour WINS three-week series of design workshops. The workshops are FREE! Series 3 are three small vinyl-cut projects.


FABLAB Exeter is a Digital Makerspace based inside Exeter Library. We know that the Lockdown presents many challenges so we have decided to run these FUN design sessions online for FREE*

These sessions are designed to take about an hour to complete.

These sessions are designed for children and adults aged 8-108yrs who want to learn some 2D vector design skills. Younger children can take part but an adult will need to support them as some skills may need some help.

*There are two ticket types:

Ticket A To watch the workshop video. FREE!

Ticket B To watch the workshop video PLUS we will vinyl-cut your designs and post them to you following each session. £13.50 for the three sessions, vinyl-cut designs and postage all included.

Parent consent: We require all participants to sign up (even if it's a FREE ticket). Part of the checkout process includes a consent form your your child to take part in our workshops.

Online Workshop Emails

When you have completed your ticket purchase/s, you will receive three emails including Workshop Notes and links to demonstration videos. This will be sent to your email address you use to sign up for the event and will arrive before 9am on each Friday.

What will happen?

Marcus Brown, our Digital Making Tutor at FABLAB Exeter, will take you through a short design demonstration which is a recorded video which you will receive on each Friday. You will receive an email on each date with a link to view the video and other notes that might be useful. The demonstration will take approx 30 minutes and then it's your turn to have a go at designing your own! You will be able to watch the video (or parts of the video again) if you get stuck or want to complete the workshop on a different day.

Can't make Fridays? That's fine, each Friday you'll receive an email with a video link and you can watch the video at any time that suits you. If we are laser-cutting your designs for you, you'll need to email in your design to us within a week of the email arriving.

Design Projects:

Session 1 (Fri 26 Feb) Create a sticker design and we'll cut 4 for you. They will be in a single colour - blue and your design will be used for all 4 stickers. The sticker size will be provided in a template when you receive your email but all 4 stickers will not exceed A5 size.

Session 2 (Fri 5 Mar) Create a piece of vinyl wall art or word art that could be stuck onto a wall / door or inside of a window. The design will be A5 in size. This will be cut in black vinyl.

Session 3 (Fri 12 Mar) Create a design you would like to iron on to a T-shirt, sweatshirt or other garment. This will be cut from either white or black heat transfer vinyl (select the colour on the ticket order form). This will be A4 in size.

When you receive your designs in the post:

Please note that we will cut your designs and post them to you. When you receive your vinyl cuts, you will need to spend time 'weeding out' the parts of the design that you don't want. We are unable to weed out items for you. Full instructions will be given in the Workshop videos / notes. You will also be provided with low-tac transfer paper to be able to transfer your stickers and wall art onto the surface. We will explain this process in the videos / notes.

Lockdown 3 Announcements:

Following the lockdown roadmap announcements on Monday 22nd February, if schools are to return on the 8th March then the third session can be completed within three weeks of the email being sent. Therefore, you have flexibility in when you might complete it.

You will need:

To complete this workshop, you will need a laptop or desktop computer with an internet connection and sound to hear the video demonstration. You will need to install a FREE piece of vector based design software called Inkscape - you can download this from inkacape.org Please note it works on Windows, Linux and Apple Computers - it doesn't work on Google Chromebooks or tablets/phones.

Vinyl-cut Designs

The aim for us is to vinyl-cut your design within a week of the session and to post it out to you using Second Class mail. We have no idea how many people will want their designs made so we'll make them as quickly as possible! Designs will be vinyl-cut on Fridays.

Projects for these workshops will be fairly small and not very deep as, to keep the workshop costs down, we need to use Royal Mail large letter second class post. The workshop includes one cut of your design (unless specified otherwise above) - if you decide that you would like some more, email us and we can arrange additional payment.


If you have any questions regarding this workshop, please do email us: fablabexeter@librariesunlimited.org.uk